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Sell Your Music Worldwide

Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube, Tidal, Tencent, and more.
Keep 100% ownership of your music and stay in control of your career.
Distribute your first song for FREE or $4.99 monthly for unlimited uploads plus incredible networking perks.


How To Sell Your Music Online

It’s never been easier to get your music on stores and streaming services, and start making money from your music.
Follow these easy steps to get started:


Upload Your Music

Upload your music, artwork, and release information quickly and easily. In addition to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and iTunes, choose from 150+ additional digital store and streaming services.

We Send Your Music to Stores

FWAYGO will send your music to 200+ countries instantly. The sooner your music is in stores, the sooner you can start making money.

You Get Paid

For every penny your music makes, you get paid. Keep 100% ownership of your music and stay in control of your career.

Upload Your Music and Make Money

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or embarking on your musical journey, FWAYGO is here to empower you to seize control of your career. We will help you sell your music on 150+ digital stores.

Our experts will distribute your music to the best storefronts and streaming havens of your choosing, while depositing every dollar earned from your sales to your account. It’s never been easier to distribute and make money on your music.

Now Get Covered

For every stream, view, radio play, or live performance; your songs are generating money. FWAYGO will get you paid instantly!

Distribute Songs to 200+ Countries
Collect Royalties from 150+ Digital Platforms
Monetize Your Music Through Movies, Television, and More
Sync Licensing Opportunities

The Power of Collaboration

When you upload a track, all collaborators will get paid easily. FWAYGO will split streaming & download royalties between all contributors.

Sell Your Music Online

As an independent artist, when your music is streamed or aired on radio, it can be generating royalties in addition to the money you are already earning from distribution. FWAYGO helps artists collect even more money by:

  • Distribute your music with 150+ digital stores and streaming services in 195 countries worldwide.
  • Administering your music on social platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Reels for free.
  • Pitching your music for films, television, commercials, video games & much more.

All while keeping 100% of your music rights!

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150+ Different Digital Stores

FWAYGO is partnered with 150+ digital music services and counting, available worldwide. Sell your music on every major digital store, like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube, Tidal, Tencent, and more!

Success Stories

Collect All Of Your Royalties

We have partnerships with payment sources across the globe to ensure you reap 100% of the earnings you deserve. Devote more time to crafting music, while FWAYGO gathers your rightful royalties. FWAYGO will collect:

  • Global Mechanical Royalties
  • Global Performance Royalties
  • Global Micro-Sync Royalties
  • Global Print Royalties

And thousands of other global pay sources!

Get Your Music In TV, Movies, Games, & More

FWAYGO has connections in the industry that will pitch your music globally to placements in film, TV, commercials, and video games.